#FoodChamp Challenge ~ Sandwich

WFC #FoodChamp Challenge ~ SandwichWell, I didn’t win the World Food Championships #FoodChamp Dessert Challenge. I took a big risk with my Macaroni Mascarpone Brulee. Macaroni in dessert is definitely outside the box. I had planned on entering a chocolate caramel pretzel dessert as a backup, but I just didn’t get to it in time.

The best #FoodChamp recipe was a chocolate peanut butter cake. It looks super moist and decadent. You can see the winners here.

But all that is okay because my heart is really in the sandwich round. That’s the category I helped with last year, and I would really love to go back and represent Zestuous in this category.

WFC #FoodChamp Challenge ~ SandwichI developed my first sandwich recipe entry last night.

WFC #FoodChamp Challenge ~ SandwichI can’t reveal the recipe, but just look at it. Don’t you want a bite? It’s layered with filet mignon cooked in a creamy cognac sauce, horseradish bacon and a light asparagus slaw. There’s another surprise creamy layer, too.

WFC #FoodChamp Challenge ~ SandwichI hope this one wins over the judges.


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