Zestuous is competing as one Saucy Mama

Saucy Mama

So much goes into preparing for the World Food Championships. I can’t believe it’s only a few weeks away.

In round 1, I’ll be competing against 50 of the world’s best sandwich makers. We’ll each make a signature, knock-your-socks of sandwich and our version of the world’s best grilled cheese.

Those who make the top 10 (pick me, pick me) will create a sandwich using fish.

2012 WFC Winning DishThe sandwich champ will then compete against all other category winners for the title of World Food Champion. Last year’s sandwich champ took the title, and I’m hoping to follow in his footsteps.

The key element to any sandwich is the bread. I’m still unsure which bread I’m going to use – store bought, bakery bought or homemade. I make a mean loaf of bread, thanks to my training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, but will I have time???

A lot of chefs have been advising me to keep it simple. It’s so tempting to try to show the judges everything at once, but if the sky were filled with 150 rainbows, they would no longer be special. It’s that one simple, unique rainbow that delivers the pot of gold.

Saucy MamaBetween the bread, my secret ingredients are going to wow the judges because I’m using Saucy Mama products. I teamed up with Saucy Mama for a food event this summer and we just clicked.

Saucy Mama’s award-winning mustards and sauces are signature items for Barhyte Specialty Foods.

I’d love to use their Apricot Ginger Mustard or Miso Orange Sesame Dressing, but the judges want to taste my personal creations. They’re encouraging us to make as much from scratch as possible. Therefore, I’ll be using some of Saucy Mama’s foundation sauces to develop my winning combinations.

I can’t reveal too much; don’t want the sandwich spies to learn all of my secrets. But stay tuned. Once the competition kicks off, you’ll have front row seats to all the action, and my (hopefully) winning Saucy Mama recipes will be shared on Zestuous.

One more exciting piece of news…

Not only is Saucy Mama my official sponsor for the WFC, they’re also putting me up in a swanky Saucy Mama Suite at the Golden Nugget.

What does this mean for you? WFC blogger Beth Peterson and I will be hosting some pre-event gatherings in the suite. It will be the meet-up point before events, before we cheer on our friends and before this fun group of Saucy Mamas takes on Vegas. Who’s with me?

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