Root Beer Rum Horchata Float

Root Beer Rum Horchata Float from Zestuous

August 6 is National Root Beer Float Day.

Don’t you just love these food holidays? Too bad they don’t come with extra days off from work. Well, even if it’s a work night, this one is still worth celebrating.

Root beer is one of my favorite sodas because it’s so smooth and spicy – it’s down right Zestuous. Each sip has a buttery note with accents of cloves, cinnamon, ginger and other sassafras brewer specific combinations.

For #NationalRootBeerFloatDay I couldn’t just make a traditional float. I strolled the grocery aisles until I found something equally creamy and spicy to pour into my tall float glass – Horchata!

Have you tried horchata? It’s a Latin cinnamon vanilla spiced sweet rice milk. Living in Vegas, I can find Horchata all over town, but recently I discovered rum-spiked horchata. This is dangerous stuff because it’s so smooth.

You can make this float with non-alcoholic horchata or the good stuff. Just add a shot, fill the glass with ice cream and pour in some good root beer. Enjoy!

Root Beer Rum Horchata Float from Zestuous

Root Beer Rum Horchata Float


  • 1 shot of rum horchata
  • vanilla ice cream
  • root beer

Pour a shot of rum horchata in a tall glass. Fill the glass with scoops of ice cream. Pour in the root beer and serve with a straw.


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