Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg


Myth: Charcoal is hard to light.
Fact: With Big Green Egg organic lump charcoal and charcoal starters, the grill lights in seconds.
Myth: Charcoal takes too long to preheat.
Fact: Charcoal in the Big Green Egg is ready in less than 10 minutes
Myth: Leftover charcoal burns to ash and can't be reused.
Fact: When done grilling, close the top and bottom of the Big Green Egg. Unused charcoal won’t burn to an ash, so it can be used again.

As I embark on my Big Green Egg journey, I’ll share my trials, recipes and tips with you. I’m really excited about all of the new possibilities.

I grew up as a gas grill girl. I was taught that gas grills are easy to start and faster than an oven, but with gas, you never truly get the taste of barbecue. I’ve passed on buying an expensive charcoal grill because coals can be hard to light, take too long to preheat and then just burn out to an ash when you’re done cooking. I usually save that effort for camping out around a fire pit.


I was fortunate enough to be gifted a Big Green Egg at the 2014 World Food Championships. I have been curious about the egg for years, but I never felt comfortable investing in one because of my preconceptions about charcoal grills. It’s kind of like being curious about a stand mixer. You think your hand mixer works well so you don’t get the upgrade, but once you do upgrade, your life is changed forever.

Being a girl who turns on the gas, pushes ignite and sets the temperature, I wasn’t sure where to begin, so I reached out to Dr. BBQ. He’s been using the egg for years and always turns out beautiful barbecue, hence his clever name.


I also watched the Big Green Egg Getting Started video, which was a big help.

Big Green Egg Recipes

Brisket on the Big Green Egg


Rib-eye Steaks on the Big Green Egg


Bacon Bourbon Smoked Turkey


Pizza on the Big Green Egg


Carbonara Pizza