Bacon Maple Syrup

By |2015-01-24T09:45:42-08:00January 24, 2015|

Turn regular pancakes into a plate-licking good breakfast by smothering them with Bacon Maple Syrup. I love easy recipes, especially when they create the WOW effect. This breakfast topping only [...]

Carbonara Pizza

By |2014-11-24T07:23:32-08:00November 24, 2014|

Recently, I dined at Giada’s restaurant here in Las Vegas. I’ve been there for dinner, but she just started serving breakfast, so I wanted to check it out. I ordered [...]

Bacon Bourbon Smoked Turkey

By |2017-01-28T10:48:18-08:00November 22, 2014|

Year after year, I stuff my turkey with the standard onions, celery, lemons and sage. But this year, I went rogue – I stuffed the turkey with bacon, bathed it [...]

Bacon Pumpkin Seeds

By |2018-07-15T16:44:49-07:00October 31, 2014|

What do you do with all of those seeds that you scoop out of the pumpkin? Add bacon, of course. These Bacon Pumpkin Seeds have a hint of sweetness, a [...]

Apple Ale Bacon Jam

By |2014-11-18T15:55:39-08:00September 12, 2014|

Bacon Jam has been pretty popular lately, but this Apple Ale Bacon Jam is extra Zestuous because it’s made with a bottle of apple ale and a hatch green chile. [...]

Bacon Apple Fritters

By |2015-07-13T08:52:36-07:00June 21, 2014|

These velvety, crispy Bacon Apple Fritters are sinfully covered with Bacon Glaze (with or without bourbon). I promise breakfast will never be the same. Apple fritters have long been my [...]

Bacon Wrapped Cinnamon Rolls

By |2015-01-02T16:57:47-08:00May 2, 2014|

Yep. You read that right. Bacon Wrapped Cinnamon Rolls. Why let the fried eggs and toast have all the fun? Salty, crispy bacon goes quite nicely with soft, sweet cinnamon [...]

Bacon Corn Chowder

By |2015-03-19T07:47:20-07:00December 24, 2013|

It’s Christmas Eve, and that means one very important thing in our holiday kitchen. It’s the day we eat mom’s corn chowder. For as long as I can remember, my [...]

Campfire Bacon

By |2018-09-02T17:25:37-07:00November 2, 2013|

This is a recipe (or really more of a technique) that I discovered while camping a few weeks ago. I vowed to make recipes using only foil and skewers, and [...]

Cheesy Bacon Popovers

By |2016-05-01T20:15:47-07:00September 17, 2013|

Believe it or not, this cheesy bacon recipe came to me while I was exercising. Kind of an oxymoron huh? When I work out on the elliptical, I watch the [...]


By |2015-03-19T10:14:57-07:00June 7, 2013|

Does hosting a party stress you out? Here are my two rules to starting a party off right: 1) Give ‘em a drink early, and 2) Give ‘em bacon! You [...]

Bacon Mushroom Chicken Medallions

By |2015-01-17T10:43:31-08:00March 14, 2013|

This is a fast, easy, tasty recipe that you’re going to want to make over and over again. I’ve made it about four times in the last month because it’s [...]