Maple Bacon Pork Loin

By |2015-01-02T10:30:53-08:00October 6, 2012|

A fork-tender pork loin cooked in a Crock-Pot atop a bed of potatoes, beets and bacon. Less than 400 calories per serving. 9 Weight Watchers Points. Oh how I’ve missed [...]

Shrimp Bacon Sliders

By |2019-01-02T12:24:22-08:00July 7, 2012|

Forget bacon wrapped shrimp. This slider made with shrimp, bacon and poblano peppers is mouthwatering. It’s sandwiched in an earthy corn whole wheat tortilla and a butter garlic lime aioli. [...]

Brown Sugar Chili Bacon

By |2015-01-02T17:49:31-08:00August 4, 2011|

Warning ~ If you already have an addiction to bacon, I cannot be held responsible if this recipe feeds your addiction and leaves you craving it morning, noon and night. [...]

Bacon Egg and Pimento Cheese Muffin

By |2014-08-30T08:56:22-07:00June 26, 2011|

Sunday breakfast was so good this morning. Since I had homemade English muffins in the freezer and a container of Zestuous Pimento Cheese in the fridge, it was ready in [...]

Bacon Scallops and Hollandaise

By |2014-08-30T08:56:24-07:00June 4, 2011|

There’s no back-story to this recipe, but my-oh-my will there be stories to come. I was craving scallops. But instead of making an alfredo and pasta, I was in the [...]

Bacon Flour Tortillas

By |2014-08-30T08:56:25-07:00May 27, 2011|

My favorite cuisine has always been Mexican food, but I’m a sucker for the love that engulfs Southern cooking. A lot of that love comes from flavorful fats like butter [...]