Let the aroma of yeast fill your kitchen

Grilled Caesar Sandwich

By |2013-08-17T17:07:09-07:00February 17, 2013|

The crouton is tired of being the sidekick to the tangy Caesar salad. He’s decided to become the star in this Grilled Caesar Sandwich. You could get really creative with [...]

Pumpkin Apple Brie Muffins

By |2015-01-02T15:07:26-08:00October 17, 2012|

Every fall, when I lived in Kansas, my dear neighbor Carol would bring over a batch of her homemade apple muffins. They were so good because they only had a [...]

Blucchini Muffins

By |2013-08-17T15:35:01-07:00May 5, 2012|

Blueberry Zucchini mini muffins made with Greek yogurt. Recently, a coworker told me that she has never eaten a zucchini. I’ve been trying to introduce her to new vegetables because [...]

Bread Boards and Foodie Friends

By |2016-09-03T09:05:12-07:00January 3, 2012|

I was so spoiled this Christmas. I received a Le Creuset pot, a Cutco knife, a macro lens and so much more for my kitchen and blogging. While I am [...]

Milk Bread

By |2013-08-17T13:48:17-07:00September 5, 2011|

I learned to bake this bread at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Chef taught us to shape it like a baguette and fill it with chocolate chunks. I remembered it [...]

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

By |2013-08-17T12:21:45-07:00June 25, 2011|

Making cinnamon rolls at home is easy and fun. And although they’re still not healthy, homemade cinnamon rolls aren’t full of preservatives like the canned jewels. Jamie, a Zestuous follower, [...]

Homemade English Muffins

By |2013-08-17T11:55:24-07:00June 5, 2011|

I love toasted English Muffins with peanut butter and honey. Making homemade muffins isn’t hard, using Michael Ruhlman’s recipe. In place of the package of active dry yeast, I used [...]

Bacon Flour Tortillas

By |2014-08-30T08:56:25-07:00May 27, 2011|

My favorite cuisine has always been Mexican food, but I’m a sucker for the love that engulfs Southern cooking. A lot of that love comes from flavorful fats like butter [...]

Rosemary Bread

By |2013-08-17T09:30:23-07:00May 15, 2011|

A family member recently challenged me to make Rosemary Bread. My goal was to come up with a recipe that mimicked the tasty bread from Macaroni Grill. I took my [...]

Daily Bread

By |2015-01-24T11:11:17-08:00April 14, 2011|

If you love bread, your taste buds will be even happier when you make your own. This recipe takes a little time up front, but once you’ve got the hang [...]