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A collection of homemade treats and goodies that make great gifts.

Eggnog French Toast

By |2014-12-21T07:29:07-08:00December 8, 2013|

The homemade eggnog batter in this French toast recipe gives a classic breakfast dish a holiday makeover. I had a coupon the other day for a free country loaf, which [...]

Perfect Holiday Cocktails

By |2014-11-23T12:25:00-08:00December 6, 2012|

Simple syrups make holiday cocktails…simple. When our family gets together for the holidays, we spend so much time on the meal that we sometimes forget about the drinks. Well, we [...]

Candy Cane Simple Syrup

By |2014-12-26T15:17:33-08:00December 6, 2012|

Nothing says Christmas like candy canes. This simple syrup amps up the holiday favorite for adults. It’s best mixed with vodka, rum or gin. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:111] Creamy Candy Canetini Fill a [...]

Pear-Ginger Simple Syrup

By |2013-12-30T10:37:48-08:00December 6, 2012|

This simple syrup has beautiful, subtle flavors of the season and makes great martinis. It’s best served with gin or vodka. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:108] Pear-Ginger Martini Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, [...]

Spiced Pecan Simple Syrup

By |2018-07-15T23:40:39-07:00December 6, 2012|

Don’t let the spices in this syrup turn you off. The mild flavor of sage brings all the flavors together and takes the bite out of bourbon. With this syrup, [...]

Cranberry-Orange Simple Syrup

By |2014-11-23T12:21:03-08:00December 6, 2012|

This refreshing simple syrup, with its vibrant red color, just screams happy holidays. It’s great with rum, vodka or even mixed with a sweet white wine like prosecco or moscato. [...]

Oatmeal Molasses Cookies

By |2014-11-28T08:27:15-08:00October 27, 2012|

For years I’ve been trying to find the perfect oatmeal cookie recipe. They’re my husband’s favorite. But I’ve never been able to make them soft and chewy like the kind [...]

Caramel Fudge Brownies

By |2015-01-17T10:49:27-08:00July 31, 2012|

Get ready for three layers of chocolate, buttery ecstasy.  There have been a couple of occasions over the past few months when I’ve turned to my foodie friends for a [...]

Soldier Cookies

By |2014-11-23T16:15:15-08:00January 2, 2012|

Toasted oatmeal, coconut, pecan and toffee cookies. Cowboy Cookies and Ranger Cookies have been around for years. While cowboys and rangers are noble indeed, I’m a little biased and believe [...]

Homemade Toffee Bits

By |2018-09-03T13:02:17-07:00January 2, 2012|

Homemade toffee bits are so easy to make, and they taste so much better than the store bought bag ‘o bits. Use them in cookies, in muffins or on ice cream.

Molasses Marshmallow Sandwiches

By |2016-11-06T07:37:19-08:00December 18, 2011|

It’s just not the holidays without gingerbread or molasses cookies. I include chewy molasses cookies sprinkled with course sugar in my holiday treat boxes every year, but I make them [...]

Tipsy Nutella Balls

By |2014-11-23T16:21:49-08:00December 17, 2011|

There is a Nutella craze in the U.S. right now. I learned to love the chocolate hazelnut spread while living in Europe, and was surprised when I returned to the [...]

White Chocolate Cranberry Popcorn Balls

By |2014-12-26T15:18:32-08:00December 17, 2011|

I love everything popcorn. Caramel corn, cheddar corn, kettle corn and especially popcorn balls. I’ve been making this recipe for quite a few years. It’s very easy. It’s basically the [...]