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Smoked Provolone Gougères

By |2015-01-24T10:59:07-08:00November 20, 2014|

If you want to serve rolls that are a little daintier this holiday season, consider Smoked Provolone Gougères (pronounced goo-zshair). The cheese puffs are light, fluffy and sure to please. [...]

Buffalo Pig Wings

By |2016-10-17T08:44:15-07:00March 23, 2014|

Why is it that chicken wings get all the hype during March Madness parties? Probably because they’re crispy, spicy, juicy and easy to eat. Well move over chicken, it’s time [...]

Apple Ginger Martini

By |2014-11-23T12:22:02-08:00November 23, 2013|

I love making simple syrups to complement holidays. It’s an easy, entertaining way to add excitement to the bar. This Thanksgiving, I prepared an apple ginger simple syrup by steeping [...]

Cheesy Bacon Popovers

By |2016-05-01T20:15:47-07:00September 17, 2013|

Believe it or not, this cheesy bacon recipe came to me while I was exercising. Kind of an oxymoron huh? When I work out on the elliptical, I watch the [...]

Tabasco Grilled Shrimp

By |2015-03-19T10:14:52-07:00July 13, 2013|

These little beauties are simple to make, but boy are they packed with flavor. Between the char of the grill, the heat of the Tabasco and the fresh thyme, the [...]


By |2015-03-19T10:14:57-07:00June 7, 2013|

Does hosting a party stress you out? Here are my two rules to starting a party off right: 1) Give ‘em a drink early, and 2) Give ‘em bacon! You [...]

Mushroom Tart

By |2019-01-02T12:24:41-08:00May 21, 2013|

There is a lot of exciting stuff happening here at Zestuous. Lately, a few food companies have contacted me asking if I would consider preparing dishes with their ingredients. The [...]

Perfect Holiday Cocktails

By |2014-11-23T12:25:00-08:00December 6, 2012|

Simple syrups make holiday cocktails…simple. When our family gets together for the holidays, we spend so much time on the meal that we sometimes forget about the drinks. Well, we [...]

Candy Cane Simple Syrup

By |2014-12-26T15:17:33-08:00December 6, 2012|

Nothing says Christmas like candy canes. This simple syrup amps up the holiday favorite for adults. It’s best mixed with vodka, rum or gin. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:111] Creamy Candy Canetini Fill a [...]

Pear-Ginger Simple Syrup

By |2013-12-30T10:37:48-08:00December 6, 2012|

This simple syrup has beautiful, subtle flavors of the season and makes great martinis. It’s best served with gin or vodka. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:108] Pear-Ginger Martini Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, [...]

Spiced Pecan Simple Syrup

By |2018-07-15T23:40:39-07:00December 6, 2012|

Don’t let the spices in this syrup turn you off. The mild flavor of sage brings all the flavors together and takes the bite out of bourbon. With this syrup, [...]

Cranberry-Orange Simple Syrup

By |2014-11-23T12:21:03-08:00December 6, 2012|

This refreshing simple syrup, with its vibrant red color, just screams happy holidays. It’s great with rum, vodka or even mixed with a sweet white wine like prosecco or moscato. [...]

Zucchini Parm Cups

By |2014-12-21T07:35:50-08:00August 7, 2012|

I’m moving across the country in a few days, and my coworkers have expressed their concerns. You see, at least once a week, I have been bringing goodies into the [...]