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Garden-fresh Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce

By |2016-01-23T09:12:27-08:00February 8, 2014|

This slow cooker spaghetti sauce recipe is like having an Italian grandma in your kitchen preparing dinner for you all day. The fresh tomatoes and mushrooms simmer for hours with [...]

Bacon Mushroom Chicken Medallions

By |2015-01-17T10:43:31-08:00March 14, 2013|

This is a fast, easy, tasty recipe that you’re going to want to make over and over again. I’ve made it about four times in the last month because it’s [...]

Caramel Fudge Brownies

By |2015-01-17T10:49:27-08:00July 31, 2012|

Get ready for three layers of chocolate, buttery ecstasy.  There have been a couple of occasions over the past few months when I’ve turned to my foodie friends for a [...]

Chocolate Vanilla Clouds

By |2015-01-17T10:54:32-08:00April 9, 2012|

You’ll be walking on air with these crispy, buttery, creamy, chocolaty bite-size Chocolate Vanilla Clouds. The base is my favorite cookie, a thin Brussels cookie sandwiched with dark chocolate. I [...]

Soldier Cookies

By |2014-11-23T16:15:15-08:00January 2, 2012|

Toasted oatmeal, coconut, pecan and toffee cookies. Cowboy Cookies and Ranger Cookies have been around for years. While cowboys and rangers are noble indeed, I’m a little biased and believe [...]

Rib-eye Steaks

By |2015-02-15T09:44:12-08:00December 12, 2011|

What would you fix your spouse for dinner if you knew it was going to be his or her last dinner at home for months? It’s not something the average [...]

Bananas Foster Cups

By |2015-02-01T09:52:31-08:00May 12, 2011|

Army friends, here it is my award-winning dessert bake-off recipe. I’ve held this recipe secret because frankly…I like winning, but when I learned that a couple of self-proclaimed “banana haters” [...]

Chocolate Macarons

By |2015-01-24T11:02:45-08:00March 28, 2011|

Oh the art of a macaron. Not to be mistaken with coconut macaroons, macarons are delicate French pastries that are crisp on the outside and sweet and tender on the [...]