Last updated March 19, 2015

Cheese Lollipops from ZestuousTry using Lavash bread to make a fun, flaky, cheesy new appetizer for your next party or potluck.

Recently, I went to a fundraiser under the stars in Las Vegas for the Natural History Museum where guests were treated to some tasty eats, including a fun appetizer from Westin Lake Las Vegas. Chef prepared cheese lollipops served on a silver platter.

Cheese Lollipops from Zestuous

These were so whimsical yet simple; my friends and I have been raving about them for weeks. When I went back for seconds, the server was kind enough to tell me how they were made.

Chef’s version used Boursin, cheddar and provolone cheeses wrapped in Lavash bread and grilled like a grilled cheese or quesadilla.

Lavash is a thin Armenian flatbread that is kind of like a cross between tortillas and naan. It is slightly flaky, and when it’s heated on the griddle, those flaky layers add little pops of crunch.

Boursin is a soft, herbed spreadable cheese. That’s the base that holds everything together. You can use any soft cheese, such as cream cheese or goat cheese.

The other layers are entirely up to you. Consider sliced cheese, deli meat, roasted red peppers or spinach. Combine Italian flavors like prosciutto, mozzarella and parmesan or go traditional with ham and Swiss.

You can roll these cuties in advance and cook them just before serving. Or go all the way and cook them up and reheat when ready to serve. Pop the wraps on a lollipop stick for a playful touch.

Cheese Lollipops

Yield: 36 appetizers

Cheese Lollipops


  • 4 pieces Lavash bread
  • 1 cup soft, spreadable cheese (cream cheese, Boursin cheese or goat cheese)
  • 8 slices cheddar cheese
  • 8 slices roasted red peppers
  • 8 sliced mild white cheese (provolone, Havarti, mozzarella)
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • kosher salt

Microwave the bread for 15-30 seconds to make it more pliable. Spread one-quarter of the soft cheese on the bread all the way to the edges. Top with a single layer of 2 slices cheddar cheese, 2 slices roasted red peppers and 2 slices mild white cheese.

Starting from one of the shorter ends, roll into a log.

Slice into 9 even pieces.

Melt 1 tablespoon butter on a griddle over medium-low heat. Place the circles on the pan cut-side down. Heat for 3-5 minutes, until the cheese begins to melt and brown.

Flip. Season with a pinch of salt and continue cooking, until golden. Remove to a plate and continue cooking the remaining circles, adding 1 tablespoon of butter to the pan in between batches.

For fun presentation, pierce a lollipop stick into each circle. Serve warm.