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Grilled Tajin Cotija Corn from ZestuousHave you ever tried Tajín? Have you ever even heard of it? Tajín Clásico is a Mexican spice that combines chilies, lime and salt. You can find it in the fruit section of your local grocery store.

Fruit section? Yep. This seasoning is often sprinkled on fruit like mangoes and pineapples.

The Army is great because it takes me around the world and introduces me to new cuisines. But it’s also great because it brings so many people from so many cultures together.

My husband learned about Tajín from one of his fellow Soldiers. He was shaking Tabasco Sauce onto a slice of watermelon, when the sergeant told him about this fruit seasoning.

I had to go to the store to find it, and I was surprised it was right there with the fruit all this time.

I’ve never cooked with it before, but at a recent barbecue, I wanted to shake things up (pun intended) with our grilled corn, so I created a slurry of butter, mayo and Tajín.

To make this corn even tastier, I rolled it in Cotija cheese, a hard Mexican cheese. It has a nice, salty bite like Parmesan, but it crumbles like feta.

Truth be told, I love corn, but I don’t do corn on the cob. I can never eat it without smearing my cheeks with butter and smiling with an unexpected kernel in my teeth. So, I always cut my kernels off.

Grilled Tajin Cotija Corn from ZestuousOne of my favorite things to eat is freshly grilled, cut corn mixed with grilled meat. After rolling this corn in the Tajín butter mix and the Cotija cheese, I cut it off the cob, added the remaining cheese and 4 boneless pork chops that were grilled with Zestuous Rub. Yum! It was the perfect summer dinner. I can’t wait until my husband redeploys. He’s going to love this dish.

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Grilled Tajín Cotija Corn

Servings: 4 cobs


  • 4 cobs of corn
  • 2 tablespoons butter, softened
  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • ½ tsp. Tajín Clásico fruit seasoning
  • ¼ - ½ cup Cotija cheese


  • Shuck the corn and remove the silk threads.
  • Heat the grill to high and grill the corn for about 12 minutes, turning occasionally.
  • Combine the butter, mayo and Tajín and smear it onto a long plate.
  • Crumble the Cotija cheese onto a similar plate.
  • Roll the grilled corn in the butter mixture.
  • Then, roll it in the cheese.
  • Serve on the cob, or cut it off the cob and add in the leftover butter and cheese. You can also add grilled meat.

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  1. We make it with steamed corn, smear mayo, roll in cotija, sprinkle dried pico de gallo & squeeze fresh lime. Pico de gallo may be the same as tajin. Like you said, the spice is great of fresh fruit or raw vegies with fresh lime. We have a large Hispanic influence around here so it is available at swap meets, county fair, etc..

  2. I love corn so much and eat it frequently while it’s in season. I’m always looking for interesting new toppings just for variety. This seasoning is new to me but I will be looking for it the next time I go to the grocery store. 🙂

  3. I tasted corn like this at a restaurant last year and have been craving it ever since! Thank you for showing exactly how to do it! Can’t wait to try!