Last updated January 28, 2017

I am a huge fan of mustard. It’s creamy, can be subtle or spicy, and goes great on just about everything. In celebration of National Mustard Day, here are

10 ways I like to use mustard

ham bites

1) Of course, you can use it on your favorite sandwich.

Garlic Chile Skirt Steak with Fresh Green Bean Salsa and Compound Butter from Zestuous

2) Rub it all over a piece of meat as a marinade.

Maple Pancetta Chicken3) Whip it up with some Greek yogurt and maple syrup to make a dressing.

BACONuts from Zestuous4) Toss it with nuts and bacon for an appetizer.

Macaroni and Cheese from Zestuous5) Forget dry mustard. Use a squirt of the real stuff in your mac-n-cheese.

Campfire Hobo Stew from Zestuous6) Take it camping.

Roasted Sweet Potato Salad from Zestuous7) Add it to your next batch of potato salad.

wine chicken8) Or try it in your chicken salad.

Schnitzel9) Add it to gravy for a surprising kick.

Chocolate Stout Pretzel Toffee Bars from Zestuous10) You can even use it in dessert.

In 2013, my creative use of mustard won me runner up in the Saucy Mama Recipe Contest. This year, I judged the competition. The entries were delicious. It was truly a tough contest.

wafflewich-smMy hands-down favorite was Karen’s Honey Dijon Fried Chicken and Bacon Wafflewiches. The waffles were so light and crispy. The chicken was marinated in Saucy Mama Honey Dijon Dressing. And the sauce…it was unbelievable! Mayo, Saucy Mama Honey BBQ Wing Sauce and adobo sauce combined…mouthwatering!

sm-turnoversAnother one of my favorite’s using mustard was Heather’s Warm Honey Dijon Chicken Salad Sandwich Turnovers. These were so simple to make. Chicken salad with Honey Dijon wrapped in pre-made puff pastries. You can eat them hot from the oven, or bake ahead and eat them on the go.

But Saucy Mama is more than mustard. The contest required cooks to use some of Saucy Mama’s bottled sauces. Here were a few of my favorites that didn’t feature mustard.

pretzel-rollsMerry’s Lucky Seven Jamaican Jerk Buffalo Joes Stuffed Pretzel Rolls. These were surprisingly simple. My husband ate four of these right out of the oven.

BBQRings3Sara’s Bacon Wrapped BBQ Onion Rings. They take a little work, but come on, bacon is always worth it.

orange-orzoLinda’s Zesty Orzo Smothered with Orange Habanero Shrimp. I love how she kicks up the orange in the sauce with a bottle of orange beer.

mozz-crostiniLisa’s Fried Mozzarella & Balsamic Heirloom Tomato Crostini is simple, elegant and perfect for a cocktail party.

lamb-burgerDorothy’s Orange Habanero Lamb Burgers had great flavors and found a new way to use those cute colorful mini peppers that are so trendy right now.

saucy-burgerHelene’s Sauced-up Pretzel Burger. These juicy and flavorful burgers had a lot of great components. She even made her own pretzel buns.