Last updated February 20, 2016

Summer Grilling and Wine

By Astrid Young, professional sommelier

Summertime is prime time for grilling, the outdoors, soft breezes and late day sunshine are a perfect pairing backyard parties and good friends. What better way to enjoy good company than to get some good flavors going on the grill, with a refreshing summer wine to match!

We’ve found some great grilling recipes that are long on umami and wines that will make the flavors come alive.

Try this easy Grilled Zaatar Pork Loin, covered with a combination of Middle Eastern spices and grilled to perfection, it is perfect with a nicely chilled Sancerre Rosé, or for those who prefer white, a fragrant Arneis from Italy, or an enticing Pinot Noir from New Zealand.

For those who prefer more traditional fare, like tender, juicy beef ribs or a rib eye steak, opt for a hearty red, like a juicy shiraz, malbec or an Sicilian nero d’avola.

These wines always do well with barbeque, but to beat the summer heat and avoid the risk of the wine losing its freshness, chill for a half hour in the fridge before serving.

If you’re just having an al fresco nibble before dinner, grilled artichokes are perfect with a nice crisp riesling – as is this flavorful roasted red pepper dip, which also goes well with a rosé – though beware of red wines with artichoke, for without the addition of additional lemon and sea salt it can be an insidious wine killer. Happy grilling!