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Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

By |2015-02-15T09:49:29-08:00March 27, 2012|

Pasta, salad and a creamy dressing all in one bowl. This knock-off on Cheddars' Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad is around 250 calories. One of my favorite salads is Cheddars’ Chicken [...]

25-Cal Caesar Dressing

By |2015-01-02T09:17:43-08:00March 20, 2012|

Creamy 1-point dressing full of flavor, zing and cheese. This weekend I experimented in the kitchen trying to make the perfect low-calorie Caesar dressing. I love Caesar salads. They’re so [...]

Shamrock Fried Eggs

By |2015-03-18T06:41:48-07:00March 11, 2012|

Save your St. Patty's Day calories for green beer. Start off with 2 Shamrock Fried Eggs ~ less than 200 calories. Here’s a fun breakfast for St. Patrick’s Day. A [...]