Crunchy Deviled Egg Shooters

By |2016-10-17T08:43:29-07:00February 1, 2015|

Whenever I eat a memorable meal at a restaurant, it always has certain qualities that stand out. My favorite meals are ones where chefs balance sweetness, spice, salt and texture. [...]

Hawaiian Caprese Sliders

By |2015-03-19T10:14:25-07:00January 30, 2015|

It’s hard to find ways to incorporate veggies into party food. We all put out the traditional crudité platter with ranch dressing, so we can grab an occasional carrot after [...]

French Onion Beef Sliders

By |2015-03-19T10:14:28-07:00January 30, 2015|

King’s Hawaiian recently teased me with a post for Hawaiian Ham & Swiss Sliders. They were baked in a pan smothered with butter until the cheese was perfectly melted. The [...]

Buffalo Ranch Party Bread

By |2017-01-28T10:50:18-08:00January 27, 2015|

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday, which in my house means lunch and dinner will consist of sinfully delicious party food like this Buffalo Ranch Party Bread. We love buffalo wings, [...]

Smoked Provolone Gougères

By |2015-01-24T10:59:07-08:00November 20, 2014|

If you want to serve rolls that are a little daintier this holiday season, consider Smoked Provolone Gougères (pronounced goo-zshair). The cheese puffs are light, fluffy and sure to please. [...]

Bacon Pumpkin Seeds

By |2018-07-15T16:44:49-07:00October 31, 2014|

What do you do with all of those seeds that you scoop out of the pumpkin? Add bacon, of course. These Bacon Pumpkin Seeds have a hint of sweetness, a [...]

Apple Ale Bacon Jam

By |2014-11-18T15:55:39-08:00September 12, 2014|

Bacon Jam has been pretty popular lately, but this Apple Ale Bacon Jam is extra Zestuous because it’s made with a bottle of apple ale and a hatch green chile. [...]

Cheese Lollipops

By |2015-03-19T10:14:36-07:00June 18, 2014|

Try using Lavash bread to make a fun, flaky, cheesy new appetizer for your next party or potluck. Recently, I went to a fundraiser under the stars in Las Vegas [...]

Savory Salmon Quinoa Cheesecakes

By |2015-01-02T16:49:49-08:00May 30, 2014|

Change up your summer appetizer tray with these Savory Salmon Quinoa Cheesecakes. The morsels of quinoa and flaked salmon are creamy on the inside and slightly crunchy on top with [...]

Orange Poblano Chimichurri

By |2015-01-02T16:31:58-08:00May 24, 2014|

When you fire up your grill this summer, add a Zestuous touch to your meat or veggies with this Orange Poblano Chimichurri. Chimichurri is an Argentina-originated sauce traditionally made with [...]

Cheesy Garlic Bites

By |2018-09-02T17:25:28-07:00April 22, 2014|

Even though I grew up in the South, I’m not ashamed to use canned biscuits, especially when it turns into a cheesy, garlicy, crunchy coated magical morsel like these Cheesy [...]