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Campfire Bacon from Zestuous

This is a recipe (or really more of a technique) that I discovered while camping a few weeks ago.

I vowed to make recipes using only foil and skewers, and no way was I going to give up bacon in the process. If you can put a marshmallow on a stick, by God, you can put bacon on a stick.

Campfire Bacon from ZestuousThe secret to getting your bacon evenly crispy is to weave each strip onto a skewer, leaving a gap between weaves. Then, continue weaving more strips on the skewer, leaving a few inches empty at the end.

Campfire Bacon from ZestuousPrepare a campfire and set two logs or rocks on each side of the flames so you can rest the skewers on the logs/stones over the flames.

Rotate the skewers every 5 or so minutes to ensure even cooking and browning. You might get a few flare-ups…that’s just a bacon grease fireworks celebration. If it gets too out-of-hand, have a squirt bottle with water near by to put out some hot spots.

Campfire Bacon from ZestuousYour bacon should be crispy, ready and extra smoky in about 30 minutes.

What a happy campfire breakfast!

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Hi. I’m Christie, the head cook and award-winning competitive pitmaster for Team Girls Can Grill. I have won multiple grand championships and have dozens of top ten category finishes. People know me as the girl who is forever hovering over a grill, smoker or campfire with tongs in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

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  1. Can you make these ahead of time on the skewer at home and then just pull it out when you want to cook them? I’m trying to do as much prep as possible before we leave! Thanks!

  2. I wonder how you can cut such a thin piece of meat, usually I cut it very thick, so it is very long to cook, can you share the method.
    Cherish this

  3. GREAT IDEA!!!!! We love our bacon, but I very rarely make it because of all the mess on the stove and surrounding area (even with a splatter guard). I will have to give this a try on the next camping trip!!! Thanks for the tip!!!!

    1. Try using a bacon press! It worked for me!
      The heavy weight reins in most of the splatter, and the bacon comes out flat-ish. I don’t quite cook mine all the way, so I can take the press off and let it curl a little bit… Happy Baconing!!!

    2. CR180, I place bacon on a cookie sheet lined with foil and bake at 350 degrees for approximately 25 – 30 minutes til desired doneness is reached and turning the pieces about halfway through. I also crumble some up to keep in the frig for salads, cheesy bacon French fries, baked potatoe topping, dip mixtures, to mix in with dishes and so on as we like the cooked at home bacon much better than the store bought bacon bits. It’s also a great do ahead time saver in the kitchen. Hope this helps with your stove mess 😊