After 20 years of moving around with the Army, my hubby is retiring. That’s great news, but it means it’s time to consolidate all of the furniture finds we’ve had throughout our marriage.

We have a mix of 1950-era Louis XV furniture from France, Old Americana antiques, old furniture from when we were kids (that’s not old in a good, antique way), and just other stuff that has piled up over the years. It’s hard to go through it all and decide what we can keep and what we can donate, but some really has to go.

Tiffany Blue Bookshelf from ZestuousThis bookshelf is one of the pieces I’m proud of. The center bottom is an old dresser that was either handed down to us or that we bought at an auction in the 90s…I can’t remember. I do remember that it was painted pink at one time.

The shelves were natural wood kits that I bought from Lowes when my husband was away in Korea. It’s one of the first times I snuck into his tools to see how dangerous I could be. Turns out, I’m pretty dangerous (and now addicted).

I originally painted everything cream, sanded the edges and rubbed it all down with Pecan-colored stain. It stayed that way for nearly a decade. Now that we’ve moved, I’m proud to say that this piece made the cut and will live happily ever after in our office. But I was tired of the boring cream.

Cost Plus RugI was thinking of using Tiffany Blue in a guest bedroom, but when I came across this rug at Cost Plus World Market, I knew the pop of blue was going to dress up my favorite bookshelf instead.

Tiffany Blue Bookshelf from ZestuousI brought the Tiffany box to Home Depot. (Not sure why I’ve held onto the box all these years. My sister-in-law gave her bridesmaids Tiffany earrings and it’s the only Tiffany thing I own…so I guess I just had to keep the box)…funny what you find when you move.  Anyway, the paint expert scanned the box and came up with this code: Colorant-0Z-384th, AXL-0-85, DL-0-108, EL-0-92. It was spot on. I chose a high-gloss acrylic.

Tiffany Blue Bookshelf from ZestuousI painted the outer edges of the shelves.

Tiffany Blue Bookshelf from ZestuousI was so nervous because I was painting on our new hardwood floors, and I am a total klutz! Good thing my husband wasn’t home.

Tiffany Blue Bookshelf from ZestuousI went back and forth with the drawers. I wasn’t sure whether to keep them cream or paint them blue. I did a mock-up using Photoshop and asked my Facebook fans what they thought. They, too, were mixed.

Anthropologie KnobThen, I went to Anthropologie and found some drawer knobs that were the exact same color blue. Jackpot!

Tiffany Blue Bookshelf from ZestuousI kept the drawers cream and accented them with these knobs. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the pulls yet, but these old ones work for now.

As a final step, I sanded the shelves with 100-grit sandpaper. I just rubbed the edges until the old cream paint (and even some of the pink) showed through. Then, to warm up the overall color, I rubbed the blue paint down with natural-colored stain. In hindsight, I probably should have chosen a color one shade darker because I don’t see the natural too much, but I didn’t want to totally cover the blue.

Tiffany Blue Bookshelf from ZestuousThe shelves turned out great, especially next to the new rug. Now it’s time to give my collection of cookbooks and old cooking magazines a final home.

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  1. I also used to be a home depot employee – in the paint department incidentally! I was excited to see someone had color matched tiffany blue, but it would be much more useful if you included a picture of the barcode, or the number itself. The paint machines can automatically recalculate based on that into different sizes and sheens – and sometimes into other brands! It would make it much easier on the associate someone brings the formula in to, and those of use who want a little tiffany blue paint in our lives too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m so glad you posted the formula for this! It still works 3 years later! It looks amazing. I got it in Ralph Lauren high gloss & it looks spot on. Glidden makes Ralph Lauren though so could be why it works.

  3. I would like to know what base you put the formula in. I know that different bases can mean different outcomes along with was that a quart formula or a gallon formula?

  4. I was just at Home Depot to but a pint of the paint color and the worker said that I had to divide the numbers by 4 because your numbers were for a gallon.
    Te color looks close but I think it is light. Did you get a gallon

    1. Hi Kristi,
      I bought a quart of Glidden Interior/Exterior High Gloss Base 1

      The colorant says 384th, so maybe the 4th is part of the formula to divide it by 4. I hope it works great for you!

  5. Very cute! I am actually a home depot paint associate and I have color matched a Tiffany box before. I just wanted to let other people know that this formula may not work if they get it in a different brand of paint other than the glidden you bought it in. Different brands of paint react differently and if this formula was put into say a Behr paint it might not turn out the same.

  6. WOW!!! i saw this and HAD to read this post! Your bookshelf looks amazing!! i love the color – can’t wait to use it on my furniture!!