Last updated January 28, 2017

There are a few restaurants that have the lightest, fluffiest rolls. My favorites are at Texas Roadhouse and Memphis BBQ. They’re so dangerously good that my family can easily eat two baskets before our meal even arrives.

I have to warn you. These rolls fit into the category of best rolls ever.


I actually thought this recipe was going to be a throw away. I planned on using about 6 cups of flour, but the dough was too sticky, so I just kept adding more, until I was up to 7 ½ cups.

I thought I must have used too much milk or eggs or sweet potatoes. Even though it was still sticky, I let it proof. After an hour, it was beautiful. It was soft to the touch and easy to shape with just a very light dusting of flour.

That’s a really important tip in baking bread. Never over dust your counter, or your dough will become tough. Just use enough to gently handle the dough.

I initially made this dough, so I could create a holiday twist on potato buns by using sweet potatoes. With leftover turkey, sweet potato buns will make tasty sandwiches, especially with a dollop of cranberry sauce and mayo.

This is a large batch of dough, but that works out perfect for the holidays. You can make eight buns to take care of turkey leftovers, along with 12 fan rolls for the big feast itself. Or you can make 16 buns or 24 rolls.

You can season the fan rolls with salt or go on the sweet side and use cinnamon and sugar. I made eight buns, six buttered fan rolls and six cinnamon fan rolls, so you can see them all – and so I could sample them all. 🙂

To make the sweet mashed potatoes called for in this recipe, peel two sweet potatoes and dice. Boil in water until tender. Drain and mash or press through a potato ricer. You can also use canned pure sweet potatoes or sweet potatoes baby food.

As always, the recipe below is in US and European measurements. Enjoy!