The Sunny Fontina from ZestuousIf you love grilled cheese, you’re going to love The Sunny Fontina. It’s a recipe I created for the “Say Cheese” St. Francis Winery Gourmet Grilled Cheese Contest.

To view the recipe, visit St. Francis Winery on Facebook and click on the Recipe Contest icon. While you’re there, please vote for my sandwich. The top ten sandwiches that receive the most votes move onto the finals where a panel of judges will prepare and select the winning sandwich.

You can vote through April 30. Here’s how:

Visit St. Francis Winery on Facebook
Like their page
Click on the black “Recipe Contest” icon
On the top, click on “Most Recent”
My sandwich should be near the top
It’s called “The Sunny Fontina”
Click “Vote” (click Okay and then Okay or skip)

Creating this sandwich was so fun because you have to pair it with one of their wines. I knew the sandwich I wanted to make, but I wasn’t sure which wine to pair it with, so I bought five of their varieties. After some fun wine tasting, it was no contest. Their Claret was the perfect accoutrement to this sandwich.

I had never had Claret before. It’s a red wine similar to a Bordeaux. While living in Belgium for two years, I became a huge fan of Bordeauxs. What I really love about the St. Francis Claret is that it’s not too heavy. In fact, it has a bright, pleasantly acidic note that balances the richness of melted cheese and poached egg yolk.

This has been a fun process, and I’m excited that I’ve discovered a new vineyard. If I win the contest, I’ll get to visit the vineyard in Santa Rosa, California, and I’ll share my experiences with you. Cheers!

The Sunny Fontina from Zestuous

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