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My journey to compete in the 2013 World Food Championships continues. I entered the St. Francis Vineyard “Say Cheese” Gourmet Grilled Cheese contest, hoping to land a spot in the WFC sandwich competition. Unfortunately, I didn’t take top prize with my Sunny Fontina.

The sandwich that won was beautiful. A combination of duck confit, cherries and brie cheese. I’m sure it tasted fabulous. It was created by Jennifer Daskevich, a 2012 WFC competitor.

World Food Championships #FoodChamp Challenge

I should find out next week if my Macaroni Mascarpone Brulee takes first prize in the Dessert #FoodChallenge. If it didn’t make the cut, the Sandwich #FoodChallenge competition opens June 3.

In the meantime, I’m going to tie on my apron and take a shot at the 2013 Make That Sandwich Contest. The recipe must include a minimum of two Mezzetta, Napa Valley Bistro or Kona Coast brand products.

Last year’s winner made a Croque Mezzetta with a peperoncini mornay sauce. The judges said the sauce was so good they fought over the leftovers.

The contest is open until September 2. That’s a long time to wait, but the winner receives $25,000!!!! Wow! That, plus a trip to WFC, now, that would make my year!

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