WFC #FoodChamp Challenge ~ Sandwich

I’ve been on pins and needles lately wondering what the World Food Championships #FoodChamp challenge judges thought about my sandwich entries. The contest closed a couple weeks ago, and I entered two sandwiches: the Creamy Cognac Steak Sandwich with Horseradish Bacon and Asparagus Slaw and The Showgirl.

I found out Sunday night that not only did my steak sandwich make the top five; it won Best Recipe and Blogger Best.

I’m not even sure how to describe my emotions right now. I’m fairly new to the food competition world. In my first two competitions, I didn’t place, but I learned a lot. In my next competition I was named the fan favorite, but didn’t quite grasp the grand champion.

I was feeling a little defeated, but I knew there were still competitions out there that could get me to Vegas.

I spent all day Sunday in the kitchen working on a variety of recipes. I’m blogging this summer for Mazola, so I was developing some grilled cocktails. I’m hoping to compete in Bob’s Red Mill Spar for the Spurtle, if I can get my video shot in the next 24 hours. Grand Champion competes in Scotland. That would be so awesome. Plus, I’m working on my regular blog recipes from my travels around the world.

All that said, I was hardly on the computer or phone all day, so I missed it when World Food Championships announced the results.

I saw the news on Chef Ben Vaughn and Basilmomma’s facebook pages just before I was going to call it a night. What an adrenaline rush.  I went from ready for bed to ready to dance.

Chef and judge Travis Brust said: “This sandwich hits all the finer points of “sandwichry” the combination of smoky bacon crusted with the tasty horseradish has my mouth watering already, then utilizing the rendered bacon drippings to make a vinaigrette for the asparagus slaw, then put it all together on a toasty baguette and the creamy cognac cloaked Beef filet, couldn’t get much better!”

Rebecca Regnier complimented my sandwich, but did point out that I’ve got to come up with a better or at least shorter name. She recommended Dave. My husband, Dave, liked that idea.

Well, just when I was going to turn my recipe developing mind off, it’s spinning again with sandwich ideas. Stay tuned Zesties. There will be a lot more excitement leading up to the 2013 World Food Championships.

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