Salt is a standard in so many recipes, but when I cook, I actually turn to Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning before I grab the salt. You’ve probably already noticed it in my recipe for Chicken Salad and Pimento Cheese Spread. This is one of my all time favorite spices…and you’ll see it used over and over on…because Tony’s is simply Zestuous.

My brother-in-law served in the Army at Fort Polk, Louisiana, and that’s where he met his wife and soaked up the Cajun culture. She introduced me to crawfish, alligator and this unexpected flavor accent. Tony’s has a nice amount of salt and just enough heat.

I actually keep it in the salt shaker on my table instead of salt. Sorry Morton. It goes amazing with fish, beef, pork and chicken. It also accentuates the natural goodness of vegetables, eggs and cheese. On a diet? Sprinkle Tony’s in your low-cal soup. Somehow, Tony’s pulls out the zest in the otherwise flavorless broth. I honestly put Tony’s on everything except dessert.

I was so pleased today to see that Tony Chachere’s commented on my chicken salad recipe blog. Thanks Tony. You will always be in my pantry and on my table.

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  1. Tony’s is also great on Corn on the cob, rice, potato salad, eggs, pulled pork, ribs, fried chicken and just about anything and everything where you need a little perking up.

  2. We cannot thank you enough for your devotion, dedication and love of Tony Chachere’s. We appreciate the kind words!

    Cindy Ardoin
    Food Scientist
    Tony Chachere’s